Finally, after few attempts I decided to move all my posts from tumblr blog to octopress. There were few reasons behind this decision:

  • I like having entire blog under my own control. Octopress keeps whole the stuff under git which gives history of all changes, branches and tags. That’s really awesome for programmer like me.
  • Hosting on github. There are not enough words to express how github revolutionized my daily workflow. I use this brilliant application in my everyday work, so why shouldn’t I use it for blogging too.
  • Ruby. I love ruby. Octopress is based on ruby, thus I love octopress too :)
  • Emacs. I’m org-mode addicted. Having a possibility to blog using org-mode is priceless.

If you consider simmilar transition and you need more reasons, look at Octopress main page. It says why and how you may start your journey with Octopress.